Movie, TV, & Wine Pairings: Rosé And Chill

Tis the season for rosé. Well, I think it’s always the season and don’t need a reason for the magickal pink elixir. June 10th is National Rosé Day, can you dig it?  It’s a great day for some serious rosé and chill with some movies or binge on a good show. Let the sipping begin! 


Queen of the South: Tamaral Rosado

If you haven’t checked this show out, you are missing it. Follow the story of Teresa Mendoza as she falls in love with a member of the drug cartel. Let’s just say that one day Teresa’s drug boo doesn’t show up and she ends up on the run. None of it’s good news. Even Mark Consuelos (Mr. Kelly Ripa) pops up as the swanky lawyer who will or won’t be pulled into the dark side. The show is caliente and gets intense. Be ready. The Tamaral Rosado from Spain is full of flavor and character just like the women in this show. Watch on: Netflix

Doctor Strange:  Love Drunk

This is Marvel’s first take on real magick. Basically a brilliant surgeon is a big prick, he ends up being humbled by a tragic accident. He goes on a journey to find something that will heal him. Long story short, when you let go of your ego…you rise. Not everyone will appreciate this movie on a higher level, but it’s there if you choose to see it. Magick is everywhere. A bottle of Love Drunk by Mouton Noir will charm your palate as you watch this sorcerer find his way. Doesn’t Benedict look like he would enjoy nice glass of rosé? Watch on: Netflix

Bienvenue a Marly Gomont (2016)

The African Doctor: Chêne Bleu

This little French gem of a movie is based on the story of an African doctor, Seyolo Zantoko,  who is hired by a mayor in a small town in France. His wife and kids are excited about the move until they realize, they are definitely not in Paris. This comedy-drama is the adventure of the African family trying to fit into a rural French town. A good French flick requires a good French wine like Chêne Bleu.  The luxury wine is produced in Rhône and made with organic grapes. It’s one of my favorites. Watch on: Netflix

Power- Cool Peach Frosé

When Power first came out, people were comparing it to Empire. Long story short, the only thing in common with the shows is brown people. As for Power, it’s become a break hit for Starz. James St. Patrick who is a nightclub owner has a secret. Let’s just say that Jaime is also known as t the biggest drug dealer in the city, “Ghost”. Only a few people know about his alter ego. His best buddy Tommy is his side kick helping him run the drugs. Power is perfect for getting your frosé on. You can binge and sip as you watch Jamie and Tommy do their thing. Watch on: Hulu and Starz


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