Wild Women Of Planet Wongo

The Wild Women of Planet Wongo is not a typical night at the theater. It’s a 100 minute interactive sci-fi musical experience at the Parkside Lounge in NYC.

In this story two male astronauts are exploring space when they crash into Planet Wongo. We soon find that the planet is run by scantily clad warrior women known as the Wongettes. Of course things get a little sexy, after all there weren’t any men on the planet. There is a twist, because no good can come from all of the seduction.  The Queen of Wongo has a very different plan for the men versus what they have in mind.

Long story short, the show is a zany chain of events. Is the show predictable, well  yes. Is the show corny, absolutely.  It’s a fun guilty pleasure. The best part of it is that you feel like you will feel like you are inside of a 60’s B movie.

The show is standing room only. No seats are available since the show is staged all over the room.  It’s encouraged to move around and participate. There are also times when the cast will move you if  you happen to be in their way. Each ticket gets a free Wongotini at the bar. Think green spiked punch. There are a few intermissions so that you can get a refill without missing the show.

Wild Women of  Planet Wongo is a nice way to get your drink on and see a show all at the same time.


Wild Women of Planet Wongo plays at the Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston Street, through June 16, 2017. Remaining performances are Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm and tickets are $25. Tickets are available at planetwongo.com).

CAST & CREW: Aiesha Dukes, Maya Evans, Miki Hellerbach, Jenna Marcello, KC Morse, Amanda Nicholas, Marta Rymer and Howie Schaal. Wongo’s creative team includes: Steve Mackes (Book & Lyrics), Ben Budick (Lyrics), Dave Ogrin (Lyrics and Music), David Rigano (Director), Juson Williams (Choreographer), Paul Rigano (Musical Director), Emily Grayson (Production Supervisor/Stage Manager), Patrick Harnett-Marshall (Assistant Stage Manager), Ido Levran (Video and Sound Design), Rudy Agresta (Animations), Lisa Hufnagel (Lighting Design), Rob Dutiel (Set Design/Props), Elise VanderKley (Costumes), Marsh Shugart (Makeup and Wig Design).

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