The Witch’s Lifestyle & Travel News RoundUp: Etiquette Rules, Affordable Airlines, Avocado Toast, Jackalope, & US Wine Tourism

Bringing you the 411 on wicked news in lifestyle, wine, and travel. Get it!

When visiting other parts of the world there are customs and etiquette rules to keep in mind. Did you know that in Egypt you aren’t suppose to refill your own wine glass? That totally made me clutch my pearls. So many interesting cultural things to learn so little time.

Budget airlines in Europe are giving each other a run for their money. The result means cheaper flights. Woot! It’s a wonderful time to have some adventures in Europe. From Wizz Air, WowAir, Ryanair, and other airlines you can probably afford a few mini vacations throughout Europe. Go, go go!!


Avocado toast, okay let’s talk about this. It doesn’t have to cost so much. Instead of spending $20 on toast with a little avocado spread on it, make it yourself. Use the money that you save to travel or for a bigger purchase. Plus if you make it yourself, you can come up with funky fresh ways to rock avocado toast. BOOM!

Are you on your way to Australia? Jackalope, which opened in April was named Australia’s Hotel of the Year. This sleek hotel is located on the Victorian coast and includes a winery. There are 46 rooms which start at $650 a night.

California is known for having wonderful wineries, but there are wineries in other states worth visiting as well. Next time you want to visit a wine region make an effort to go to a place you haven’t been before. Every state is stepping up their wine game. You never what winery is a hidden gem until you take a look. Cheers.


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