Edgar Allan Poe Historic Site in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city that is filled with historical adventures. When I went for a impromptu trip,  I found out that there is an Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site. It’s a house that Poe and his family once rented for a short period of time. Clearly Poe loved the East Coast, because there’s a historic cottage in the Bronx he lived in and a house in Baltimore. It turns out that the house in Philly was only about a 20 minute walk from the hotel that I was staying at. How could I not go?

When I arrived at the house, I was afraid that no one was there. After a closer look I noticed a sign that said, “knock twice”. How very Poe! A very nice park ranger welcomed me when I entered the home and suggested watching a short movie before taking the tour. The flick reminded me that Poe had very dark life. However, that darkness is what inspired his most famous work.

Basically everything is self-guided at the house. I was told that I could take as long as I wanted to look around.  The park rangers were a hoot and very enthusiastic about Poe. They were happy to answer questions.  There were about three floors to walk through.  There’s also a study that for people to sit in and read his work while listening to some creepy  audio. Little is known about Poe and his family when they stayed in the house so some educated theories have been made about the rooms. I would have to say my favorite spot in the house was the cellar.

Fans of the writer will dig the site, though those not familiar with his work would probably be into it if they like history. I fangirled while I was in the house. It’s totally worth a trip. You can also pick up a Poe t-shirt or stuffed raven (off course you want one) as a memento. Nevermore.


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