Bendiware: Portable & Bendable Wine Glasses

Wine is always a good time, until a wine glass gets broken. That is where Bendiware comes to the rescue. No longer will your guests (or you) break your favorite fancy wine glass.

Bendiware was created by Kha Tran after his girlfriend had broken more than enough wine glasses. While it’s always great to sip out of a traditional wine glass, these glasses are a game changer.  They are made of high-quality silicone and 100% BPA free.

You never have to worry that they will  break, crack or chip.  Fold them and they pop right back into their original shape. That means you can toss them in a backpack, picnic basket, purse, or even a pocket. Traveling with your own wine glass means you are always ready for “wine o’ clock.”

It’s the perfect time to bust out some Bendiware. There will be plenty of summer barbques, holidays, and beach opportunities. Now you don’t have to worry about about your guests (or yourself) breaking your fancy wine glasses.

I plan on rocking Bendiware when I go to Shakespeare in the Park this summer. The park doesn’t allow glass, but they allow wine. My wine glass problem is solved.  I don’t have to take ugly paper cups. Instead, I’ll look chic while sipping rosé  from Bendiware.

If these glasses are your jam, you can also get some that are customized. I think that’s perfect if you have a wine club gathering or if you and your girls have wine nights. Bendiware would also be a great keepsake for a wedding. Basically, who doesn’t love a wine glass, especially one that they can take everywhere. Cheers!


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