King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Is Magickal Man Candy

So, when my friend suggested that we see King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. I had to ask her who was in the movie.  I was looking it up as she texted back “ Guy Ritchie is the director”. In the years that I’ve known her she had never alluded to being a fan of Ritchie. However once I saw that Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law were in the movie, I realized her real motivation. Like I was really going to be lured in by Guy Ritchie. #Nope. However, gazing at good looking men on a big screen for a few hours is always a yes.

King Arthur has gotten very mixed reviews. Some don’t like the fact that Richie made the movie diverse by having people of color in parts that were originally white dudes. Seriously?! I say until movies stop making Jesus and all of his apostle squad white then anything goes. 

I have to admit that I really enjoyed King Arthur far more than I expected. It’s not like Guy Ritchie is an amazing director so I’m not sure why people expected a masterpiece. That being said, I liked his choices as a director. This Arthur is fresh and new with a lot of modern touches.

Charlie Hunnam’s Arthur is rugged and sexy, yet charming. I’ve been tardy to the Hunnam party. Meanwhile Jude Law as Vortigern is the bad guy. A naughty Jude Law makes me giggle. I did however finally get on board and was entertained by him as he walked around brooding in all black. Basically he looked like a pissed off New Yorker during the whole film. He really needed to sage himself and get a hug.

Long story short, Arthur ended up being raised in a brothel, because someone kills his parents. There’s a sword that holds all the answers. There’s a witch who has all the tea and assists Arthur by basically implying that he’s a lil bitch. Arthur’s squad wants to fight, some of them make it  and well, some don’t. There ends up being a big showdown, basically Arthur is like “ because of you I was raised in a brothel instead of being king mofo”. Who wouldn’t be a bit pissed about that? It’s on!

I think the movie is very entertaining. Will it change your life, well no. You will however get to look at some very good looking men with testosterone issues going at it. I went in with a side-eye and came out with a smile. It’s fun time and filled with magick. Since the flick isn’t doing so well, it may end up on video sooner than later. It’s basically being called a flop. I think it will have more life on a Netflix or Amazon Prime. It’s a good one for being in your pajamas and sipping whiskey or a sexy red wine. 


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