Pop Witch: Drake, Jennifer Lopez, and Mel B.

Some of the latest stories in the pop culture world and my predictions. But I’m not one to gossip so you didn’t hear it from me… 😉

Did Drake get Instagram model, Layla Lace, pregnant? She says yes. Drake says no. According to Lace, Drake has stopped returning her calls in a big ‘ole rant on Instagram. I say that she is definitely his type, but that she’s a woman scorned. She is probably a victim of a Drake “drive by” and thought she was going to get more out of the situation. Since things fizzled out, she wanted fro 15 minutes of fame.  Her Instagram rant has been deleted. Time will tell if that baby shows up.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are still an item. Who would have thought that they would still be a thing. I knew this would have some momentum.  As I have said, I think that these two could really have a good at a relationship, if Lopez doesn’t get caught up in making it about attention. They could be good for each other. Maybe Jennifer could turn out to be the longest relationship Alex has had. I will keep an eye on these two.

Now this mess with Mel B. and that soon to be no good husband, Stephen Belafonte is getting so sloppy. As we know Mel  went off on how her husband had an affair with their former nanny. Well, that same nanny is suing Mel for libel saying that Mel seduced her and they were in a relationship for seven years. Now, I think it’s safe to say probably some truth to this. Why else do you keep a hot nanny around your husband. I also can see Mel being into women. My psychic juices say no one is innocent in this mess.  Money is definitely going to exchange hands, let’s just see who gets what.

Have some celebs you want me do a prediction on? Let me know.

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