Boca: A Luxurious Taste Of Cincinnati

I was invited to Cincinnati for the beer, but I quickly discovered that it’s a city of decedent food. There are plenty of choices to get your grub on. However, if you are ever in town make sure that you have a meal at Boca. The high-end  Italian restaurant serves up delicious steak, pasta, and seafood dishes.

The restaurant has a sleek and stylish decor and reminded me of some of the top classy New York restaurants. I had the pleasure of dining in  the plush private room complete made with the very welcoming fireplace.

As for the food and drinks at Boca,  it’s all simply superb. There are craft cocktails to choose from or go with the curated wine list. I started with a craft cocktail. It’s clear that Boca knows what’s going on in the craft cocktail scene because they offer original cocktails with spirits like green tea vodka, cucumber vodka, and Velvet Falernum. I switched up to wine for dinner because I felt like the food options would be perfect paired with wine.

The menu at Boca changes with the season. It’s a tasting menu so they recommend 4 courses ( 5 if get dessert). However one can dine any way that they want.The waitstaff aims to please. Make sure you have the Pommes Soufflées “1942”  if it is available.

I rolled with the Tajarin Bolognese con Prosciutto and loved every minute of it.

Then I moved on to the Branzino a la Plancha. I’m a big fan of branzino and have it any chance I get.

Last but not least, I had the Buckeye Candy Bar for dessert. It’s a Valrhona brownie with peanut nougat, opera glaze and peanut butter gelato. It’s as decedent as it looks.

Long story short, Boca, is everything and so much more. I suggest making reservations to make sure you get in. It is clearly a favorite for Cincy residents since it was bustling well into the evening hours. It’s one of the city’s finest. 

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