The Fraunces Tavern: Get A Round Of Booze & History In New York City

Next time you are in New York City and want to experience a piece of history while grabbing a beer, head on down to the Fraunces Tavern. Since 1762 this Colonial American tavern has been serving drinks. It’s the kinda spot were the Founding Fathers would converge to talk about struggles and drink a little somethin’.

I passed the Fraunces for years always making a note to myself to check it out. It was a whiskey dinner that finally lured me through the doors. Little did I know that it one of the oldest bars in NYC.  It was once a home that was turned into a tavern. The bar offers 200 whiskeys, 140 craft beers and ciders, wine, and craft cocktails. There’s a little something for everyone. Besides the restaurant and Porterhouse Bar, there are unique rooms like the Bourbon Lounge, The Wine Room, Washington Room, and Lafayette’s Hideout.

The tavern is also home to The Porterhouse Brewing Company, craft beer brewed in Ireland. It’s one of the only places where Porterhouse beer is available in the United States. I enjoyed the beers, they pair wonderfully with food. Of course you can find many other popular and unique beers at the bar. The happy hour is pretty poppin’ from 5pm -7:00pm with $8 glasses of wine to $6 draft beer.

The whole place has a great vibe and everything is historic chic. There are tasting events from time to time so check their calendar.  If you are a real history buff, there is a museum on the 2nd floor where you can see exhibits. As for the single ladies on the prowl, the bar is crawling with men. Get yourself one. The tavern can get packed since it’s a great place to go for drinks after a hard day at work. It’s a hub for all types of people.

Whether you live in the Big Apple or simply visiting, the Fraunces Tavern is a place that you should visit at least once. It’s legendary and so very New York.


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