Not Today Manischewitz: Kosher For Passover Wine

It’s time to get in formation and bust out the kosher for Passover wine. I’ve gotten into deep conversations about kosher for Passover wine. So many people are skipping it because of bad experiences with kosher wine. Well, the game has changed. No need to keep giving this wine the side eye. Now there are so many awesome kosher/kosher Passover wines to choose from you will have a hard time deciding which one you want.

Here are some suggestions for KP wine so good that it will make you want to jump up  and sing “Let My People Go”. Even if it’s not Passover, these wines are perfect for when you want to keep it kosher.

Galil Ela 2013 ($19.99) – This Israel produced wine is a blend of Syrah, Barbera, and Petite Verdot. On the tongue you will taste cherry, violet blossom, and herbs.This lovely red wine goes great with herb chicken, lamb or steak. Feel free to age this one for about 3-5 years before using.

Galil Alon 2013 ($19.99) – A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc, this Israeli wine is produced in Upper Galilee. If you enjoy ripe plum, blackberry, and strawberry aromas, this wine is for you. Great with roast beef, grilled meat, and sirloin.

Backsberg Kosher Pinotage 2015 ($14.99) – Even Moses or shall I say Moshe..would approve of this wine with aromas of vanilla and berries. This pinotage is from South Africa, a region that makes fierce Pinotage wine. This vino is not only KP but Mevushal. Pairs well with spicy food and meat.

Covenant Lavan Chardonnay Sonoma 2014 ($34.99) – That are so many red wines suggested for Passover it’s refreshing to see a white wine worth a spot at the Seder table. This wine has notes of citrus, pear, and figs. Have it with chicken, fish, and veggies.


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