Tea Magick

Next time you are having tea, throw a some magick in it. Herbs have many magickal and healing attributes. As you sip think of an intention so that it goes out into the world. What you put out comes back to you.    Share This:

Spinach and Feta Burger

Two of my favorite things on a burger are feta cheese and spinach. I have gone on and on about my deep love for spinach, it’s such a sexy green and an aphrodisiac which is suppose to be great for the male libido. Can’t ever have too much spinach around! Feta, while not an aphrodisiac, always gets the pleasure to […]

The Witch’s Lifestyle & Travel News RoundUp: Underwater Winery, Rosé Wine, Amélie, & Brown Sugar Beer Cookies

Bringing you the 411 on delicious news in lifestyle, wine, and travel. Get it! Croatia has an underwater winery. Travel with skilled divers to visit this underwater wonderland. It’s like turning water into wine. Tis the season for rosé wine. Isn’t that exciting? Make sure that you pick a good bottle so that you can rosé all damn day. Cheers! When you […]

Pompette Notes: Black Ink Rosé

Black Ink Wines are wines with a touch of attitude. Their wine is an ode to fantasy through arts and an elegance with edge celebrating tattoo culture. The winery recently released a new California produced rosé into their portfolio. The label on the bottle includes original artwork by Amy Nicoletto on TLC show, “LA Ink”. Winemaker’s notes: Nicely balanced acidity, […]