The Splash Room At The Andaz 5th Avenue

The Andaz 5th Avenue is a hip luxury hotel in midtown Manhattan. It’s a part of the Hyatt family, so it’s top notch. However, it’s a little more laid back. I was invited to spend the night at the hotel and experience it first-hand.

The front desk of the hotel is not typical. Unlike standard hotels that have a big front desk that can be a bit intimidating, the Andaz has two people to meet and greet while on stylish laptops. The front desk agent got all excited when he told me that I would be in the “Splash Room”. I had no idea what that meant, but I quickly became curious.

Turns out the “Splash Room” is really a nice big suite. That was more than okay with me. There was a spacious living room area with a big desk. As I made my way through the room, I laid my eyes on a huge tub in a room all to itself. I was so winning! Now it was clear why it was the affectionately known as “the splash room”. It’s the kind of tub that one can relax and luxuriate in. I also got a kick out of the adjoining heated toilet and how it automatically flushes after business is done.

The Andaz serves complimentary wine in the lobby for a few hours in the early evening. It’s a nice way for guests to unwind after taking in sights or exploring the city all day. For me it was my pre-game for a cocktail experience at The Bar Downstairs. I’m a big fan of basement bars, because it tends to give off a speakeasy vibe.

The Bar Downstairs is known for it’s classic cocktails and tapas. There are communal tables and lounge seats to chill in. Michael Lam, head bartender leads the crew of good looking bartenders in conjuring drinks with skill and elegance. They are very proud of the drinks they create and after a sip or two I could taste why. I had a night filled with Sazeracs made with Hennessy Cognac. If cocktails aren’t your jam, then check out the wine list curated by Sonya Borys. If you can get yourself perched up at the bar area make sure you do. Not only will you get to see all the action in the kitchen, you will get to watch the art of the cocktail in action. I felt like a VIP sitting there, there are only four seats.

The next morning I got to grab brunch Andaz’s restaurant, The Shop. It’s offers a seasonal farm to table menu. Everything was fabulous and the customer services was top notch.

If you want to stay at a laid back luxury hotel, the Andaz 5th Avenue should be at the top of your list. If you happen to live in New York City, The Bar Downstairs and The Shop, are wonderful locations to check out, because they are a very delicious time.


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