Hahn Family Wines: Pinot Noir From Santa Lucia Highlands

There is a special area in California that is  known for really good wine, especially red wine. Santa Lucia Highlands is located in the Monterey County part of California about two hours away from San Francisco, however most people have never heard of it. To experience wines from this area, Hahn Family Wines would be a good way to go.

The winery makes their delicious Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the region at their four estates. In fact, Nicky Hahn, the founder of Hahn spearheaded getting the region approved as an official American Viticultural Area.

I had the pleasure of attending a wine dinner featuring several of Hahn’s wines. We a few people from Hahn at the dinner, including their winemaker, Paul Clifton.  Things kicked off with a glass of Chardonnay. I really enjoyed the wine, it didn’t taste like a stick of butter like a lot of Chardonnays from Cali. I asked about the unique logo on the bottle which is unique artwork of a rooster.Turns out Hahn means rooster in German.

The dinner was to shine the light on the Pinot Noirs, specifically Lucienne. All of the Lucienne wines are made the same way but have a different taste due to the vineyard they are one. During the tasting we had wine produced from North to South. Wine from the south area  have more flavor while wine from the north  have thinner skin. I chose the filet mignon on the menu because I love to pair red wine with steak. It’s the perfect pairing!

All of the reds are delicious, it depends on what your palate would prefer. My favorites were the SLH Pinot from a blend of three of their vineyards, Lucienne from Doctor’s Vineyard, and Lucienne from Smith’s Vineyard. The wine is so good that you can even get it on British Airways business class.

For red wine lovers, Santa Lucia Highlands is a region for wine that can’t be denied. The wines that come from the area are exquisite. Hahn’s various Pinot Noirs offer a range red wine that is perfect for every occasion.


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