Love Spell: Conjuring The One

Are there days when you say to yourself “ Love of my life, where the hell are you”? Of course there are, it’s natural. When you are ready to find the person of your dreams, you want that moment to start right here and now. 

Your thoughts unleash your power when it comes to love, so you are always conjuring love. What you think about you bring about. Know that the person you seek is seeking you. At any minute your life can change by the arrival of the one that you have been looking for.

Here’s a little love spell for you to cast to unleash more of your love power or if your mind is slipping into a negative place. You can light some candle before you do this, I recommend black or white candles. I am a big fan of black candles since they really absorb the energy that you put into them.

Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart. 

Say 2 x:
I am love. I love myself. Dear love of my life, my love vibration has brought you to me spiritually. Physically, you almost here, any minute you shall arrive with no harm coming to you or me by your arrival. I am love. You are love. Together our love is unlimited. I love you, am gratitude for you, divine timing has been put into play. 

This has now been officially sent out into the universe. Blessed be!


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