Buvette Gastrotheque: A Charming French Bistro In New York City

I have to admit to that I was tardy to the Buvette party. I found out about the restaurant from a person I follow on my Instagram. She was going on and on about Buvette’s breakfast so I was put it on my “ girl you better get there” list. I have a thing for French bistros and have a goal to go to all of them in New York City.

Buvette Gastrotheque is a bar, restaurant, and café all rolled into on. Opened in 2011 by Chef Jody Williams, this gastrotheque gives off an old world cafe vibe mixed with hip neighborhood attitude topped with French flair. This type of place is so how I roll.

I arrived at the restaurant early for brunch on a Saturday. By the time I got there, it was already a 45 minute to an hour wait. Really? Just what the heck happens in this Buvette. I thought about going someplace else then I remembered how good the food looked on the photos so I decided we would wait. I was also being a bit lazy since it was the weekend. Why stress? Besides it was fun to people watch and see how excited they would get when their name was called to go inside. Talk about serious restaurant goals.

Once inside the cozy restaurant, I felt like I was in France. Food was daintily placed on small plates. Everything was undeniably French and fresh. It had a farm to table quality. I went for bacon and a Belgian waffle topped with fresh fruit and crème fraîche. If you are an avocado toast fan, make sure you try that on their freshly made bread.

My waitress gave me a lovely tip about the restaurant. The menu tends to be about the same all day and it’s less crowded during the week. Basically unless you have time to spare, go to Buvette for lunch or dinner. I’ll definitely be going back to perch myself at the bar. They have a lovely French filled wine and spirit list to indulge in.

If you are a Francophile, this quaint spot will quickly become one of your favorites. By the way, it’s also a wonderful place for a date. It’s sexy and so oh la la. If you are in between lovers, get a friend and make it a play date. You will feel like you are in Paris even though you haven’t left Gotham.

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