Celebrate National Wine Day With Stylish & Inspirational Wine Glasses

Now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way, it’s time to focus on February’s next big holiday…National Drink Wine Day, February 18th.

The main goal of the holiday is to spread the joy of wine and celebrate wine’s health benefits. Wine has become a big part of culture and lifestyle. Did you know that on average a person drinks 730 glasses of wine a year? That’s a whole lot of wine. I have a feeling that the wine god, Bacchus, would approve.

To luxuriate in the holiday get a new wine glass ( or two)  to celebrate your wine life. Papyrus has a bunch of sassy glasses that are perfect for enjoying wine. If you’re like me, you don’t always want to pull out the fancy crystal wine glasses. Also on days when I’m not drinking wine, I’ll still have juice or root beer in a wine glass to feel fancy. That’s why I really like these glasses. Not only are they lovely, but sturdy and great for everyday use.

There’s a nice selection to choose from, but my favorite ones are the glasses with inspirational words to come in a keepsake box.

The Great Day Wine Glass–  I was sent this glass to check out. It’s been my go to glass since it arrived. It remembers me to always be grateful for the day.


Resist Everything Wine Glass–  As  Oscar Wilde would say “I can resist anything except temptation”.  What could be more tempting than wine?

There are also options for stemless glasses with quotes. Sometimes a stemless glass is the best way to go since they can be easier to handle.


Whether you celebrate Drink Wine Day or not, these wine glasses are perfect for looking stylish while sipping your favorite vino. Be ready.


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