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The H么tel Fran莽ois Premier In Cognac, France

The H么tel Fran莽ois Premier In Cognac, France

Cognac is a cute and charming town that鈥檚 filled with France鈥檚 hottest spirit known by the same name. It鈥檚 a town of only about 22, 000 people, so the main reason to visit is to relax, eat yummy food and the Cognac houses.

If you do make your way to the city, one of the best places to stay is the H么tel聽Fran莽ois聽Premier Cognac Centre. It鈥檚 a 4-star historic hotel in a 19th century building with all the modern touches anyone would need.聽I stayed in the quaint hotel while I was in town on a adventure with Hennessy.

When I arrived in my room there was a bottle of Hennessy XO waiting for me. I have a feeling that doesn鈥檛 come with the room, but was a special touch from Henny. 聽However if someone needs a drink upon arrival, the hotel has a bar/restaurant next to the lobby. The bar is packed with copious amounts of Cognac. I don鈥檛 remember seeing a lot of other liquor. Let鈥檚 keep it real, if you are in Cognac, France鈥ou are there for the Cognac, right?!

Located in the downtown area of the city, known as the 鈥淕olden Triangle鈥, the hotel is in walking distance to many things. Walking around is easy and the locals tend to give a nice smile with a 鈥淏onjour鈥. I felt like I was in a French movie. If only I were wearing a beret.

My room was spacious and the bed was really comfortable. It was easy to feel relaxed and get rejuvenated. There is also a spa and pool at the hotel if one wants to add a touch of wellness.

Their breakfast buffet was quite good. It was an array of fresh meats, buttery eggs, cheeses, bread, and so on. You know how the French roll when it comes to good grub. The restaurants surrounding the hotel had excellent food as well.聽

Fran莽ois聽Premier Cognac is known as one of the top spots to stay while in Cognac. Charming rooms with great customer service, good eating, topped with delish brown juice, it’s a complete gastronomic adventure. Who could ask for anything more?聽Sant茅!



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