The Art of Earl Grey With Twinings Tea of London

Twinings of London recently unleashed three new earl grey teas: Jasmine Earl Grey, Lavender Earl Grey, and Extra Bold Earl Grey.

Anyone who has ever had a cup of tea has probably had Twinings tea. The company has been around since 1706. They were one of the first companies to make tea drinking a trend among the British. It’s 300 years later and now Twinings has around 200 teas that can be found in more than 100 countries around the globe.

To celebrate the three new teas, Twinings had an Art of Earl Grey soiree in New York City. The room was filled with aromas from fresh cut flowers and tea. Tastes of the new tea were served in clear tea cups. Earl Grey tea inspired cocktails were served at the bar while tea treats were served throughout the evening. My favorite part of the evening was being able to select a teapot and have an artist use colors that I selected to decorate it.

I chatted with Stephen Twining about how the company stays at the forefront of tea with all of the new brands that pop up every day. Twining said it’s about quality. The company focuses on quality and listening to what their customers want. Sounds like a good plan. Clearly they have been doing something right since they have 300 years in the tea game.

I enjoyed all three of the teas, but then again, I love me some earl grey.

Jasmine Earl Grey: It’s earl grey with a touch of jasmine which gives it a nice aromatic smell.

Lavender Earl Grey: Two great flavors swirled together in this lavender and earl grey tea, A hint of lavender hits the nose as you take a sip.

Extra Bold Earl Grey: This tea won’t be for everyone because of the bold flavor. Add a little milk to it so take down the flavor a bit. It’s also a great tea for cocktails.

For a full sensory experience, have one of these early grey teas with Bergamot or Sweet Orange essential oil burning in the background. It will do your chakras so good.

If you are an Early Grey fan, check them out. If Early Grey isn’t your thing, Twinings has a flavor for you so keep tasting.

PS: I got a lovely swag box from Twinings that contained a teapot with the colors I selected, teacups, tea timer and all three of the teas. It makes me swoon, because it’s such a thoughtful gift! 

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