Celebrate and Conjure Love on Galentine’s Day, February 13th

If you should find yourself single during this time of year, when teddy bears, chocolates, and flowers are everywhere, don’t let it get you down. Love is always around you. The person that you seek is seeking you. Any minute, they could show up and change your life.

For now, while Valentine’s Day may not seem appealing, go for a delightful alternative called “Galentine’s Day.” Celebrated on February 13th, it’s a way to show love for your female friends. Amy Poehler’s character on Parks and Recreation made this holiday a “thing.” It’s a quirky, yet fun, holiday that seems to be picking up steam.

Here are some ideas for your own Galentine’s Day soiree. Pick one, two, or do them all:

1. Get in Good Conversation – Remember how you always wanted to introduce your super cool friend to your other super cool friend? This would be the perfect opportunity to do it. You could also use this as an opportunity to meet new friends.  Either way, there is something to be said about the art of conversation. Host the event at your place so that it is low key. Make it a day to get in some good girlfriend time.

2. Champagne & Cheese – Get out the flutes and celebrate yourselves! Pick a theme for the bubbles and cheese, have everyone bring something that fits into the theme, and just like that, you have a celebration. For those who don’t drink alcohol, serve tea, or sparkling apple juice. Have everyone in attendance say one thing that they love about themselves, then do a toast to all the self-love.

3.  Girl Brunch – Gather some of your favorite lady friends together for brunch.  Have mimosas, throw out love intentions, laugh, and enjoy good food as you create community. This will pump up everyone’s love vibration so that you are conjuring it in as a coven. Girl power in full effect!

4. Love Vision Board –  Being single means that you can let the universe know exactly what you are looking for in a partner. Create a love vision board during your Galentine soiree. Put everything on the board that your heart desires. Use pictures, photos, affirmations, and quotes on your board. Anything goes, so don’t hold back! Hang your board in a place where you can it on a daily basis.

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