Pompette Notes: Montreaux Brut Sparking Wine by Monticello Vineyards

I was sent a bottle of Montreaux Brut bubbles by Monticello Vineyards owned by  the  Corley Family in Napa Valley. The wine is entirely crafted by hand from the hand picked grapes to the label. The Corley’s set aside small amounts of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes to make barrel aged sparkling wine. It’s 44% Chardonnay and 56% Pinot Noir made using old world style.

Winemaker Notes:

The flavors tend more towards the crisp fruit and floral aspect of the wine, although in the finish you can find lingering flavors of baked bread and lightly caramelized nuts.

This impressive wine has aromas of green apple, pears, and pie. It’s crisp and refreshing on the tongue. It’s steps above an everyday wine so bust it out when you want to impress and serve the best.  It’s the perfect selection for celebrations and holidays.

As for pairing, go with seafood, fried chicken and waffles, fancy brunch food,truffle cheese or slow cooked eggplant.

Pompette Tip:  An elegant sassy sparkling wine totally worth your time.  A big YESSS on this one.


12.6% abv | $50

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