Michael David Winery: Wicked & Sensuous Wines From Lodi

I had been reading about a wine called Freakshow by Michael David Winery which complete peaked my interest. The excitement centered around the release of the wine could not be denied. I made a note to myself to be on the lookout for the wine. The universe read my note and within a few weeks of my finding out about it, I got an invited to a wine dinner that Michael David was having at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in Grand Central Station.

Michael David Winery is owned by brothers Michael and David Phillips, who have built their Lodi winery into one of the fastest growing wineries in the United States. The Phillips brothers released their first commercial wine in 1984 under the Phillips Vineyards label after years of growing grapes for other wineries. Now with over 800 acres of vineyards in Lodi, Michael and David, are known for their magickal wines.

It’s always a hoot to be able to chat with a winemaker because you get the inside scoop on where there mind was at when creating the wine. Michael Phillips of Michael David and his wife joined us for dinner. They had been on a tour and New York was their last stop before they went home to California. David told us more about his wines, but seemed to enjoy letting his wife take the lead on telling us stories about the wine as well.

The stars of the evening were four wines from the winery’s portfolio: Michael David Chardonnay 2015, Rapture Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Freakshow Red Blend 2014, and Ancient Vine Cinsault 2013. Each wine was paired with an item from the restaurant’s menu.

This was my first experience with the winery and I was more than impressed. All of the wines were delicious, but my palate really fell in love with Freakshow and Rapture. If you are a fan of red wine, those are wines to add to your collection. Most of the wines  are very affordable, yet have the taste of luxury and elegance.

Next time your palate craves a Cali wine or one specifically from Lodi, give a Michael David wine a swirl. Cheers!



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