The Magick Of Myrrh


Planet power: Moon

Gender: Female

Element: Water

Myrrh comes from a dried resin extracted from a tree. It is thought of as a sacred oil. You will find that myrrh is often mixed with frankincense. It was very popular with the Egyptians who used it for mummification, but they also used it for magick, power, and pleasure. Today you can find myrrh as an essential oil or gum resin.

From a magick point of view this oil is used to purify, bless, and protect. The deep scent of myrrh helps during meditation and to awaken the spiritual side. This oil is great for creating a big spiritual shifts. It gets rid of any negativity that may be lingering around or hiding in the shadows. It can be used as an ingredient for any spells or magick that you are conjuring during moon activities. The goddess associated with myrrh is Isis. Any ritual that you have that calls in her energy would be even more powerful if paired with myrrh.

Besides all of that wicked good stuff, myrrh is great for healing the skin. I’ve used it in many of the skincare products that I make. It’s divine! If you have any skin infections, eczema or acne, mix a few drops of myrrh with a carrier oil and put some on the infected area. Any carrier oil will do,  such as  olive oil, sweet almond oil, or grapeseed oil. You can also put on sores and wounds to help them heal.

This is one of my favorite essential oils. I recommend this to my clients all the time, because it is the perfect oil for so many things. It also does wonders for healing a battered soul. Put it in a burner or diffuser if you want to clear the energy in your home or space.

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