The Witch’s Lifestyle & Travel News RoundUp: Jet Blue, Whiskey Coffee, Booze, & Detox Lemonade

Bringing you the 411 on  magickally delicious news in lifestyle and travel. Get it!

  • Yesss! It’s Jet Blue again for the win. The airline is now going to offer free (yep, free) high speed Wi-Fi on every flight from the departure gate to the arrival gate. Now that is how you do it. I still have never flown Jet Blue, guess I need to change that.

  • Ever want a little whiskey with your coffee? Jack Daniel’s is coming to the the rescue with their new coffee. While the coffee blend is non-alcoholic it is infused with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Cheers!

  • Want to travel but keep finding reasons not to? Get over it and find ways to make it work. You can work a full-time job and globe trot. Depending on where you live the cost of travel and how many vacation days come into play, but you can make it work.

  • Wondering that the top booze will be for 2017? Looks like Scotch and Gin at the top. That doesn’t surprise me one bit, especially gin. There seem to be new brands popping up and causing a stir around the world. Some other favorites on the list are rum and vodka.

  • A lot of people are doing a detox and kicking off workout plans this month to start fresh for year. A nice concoction to mix up is a Detox Lemonade. It’s quick and easy to make. Make a batch and see how good it makes you feel.

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