Magickal Aromatherapy For A Cold

Colds are common when seasons change. In New York City right now everyone is coughing and hacking, which is so not sexy. When this happens it’s easy to pick up a bug. People forget to cover their mouths and touch things with their gems. 

If you do happen to get a cold or a touch of the flu, essential oils are wonderful to have around for natural self-care.

 For a bit of relief on your throat and chest try these two magick aromatherapy remedies.

Gargle- If you have a sore throat, drop one drop of lavender, tea tree oil, or eucalyptus oil into hot water and gargle. While this is not tasty, it works wonders on the throat.

Blend- For a sore throat and chest, mix olive oil or sweet almond oil with a few drops of eucalyptus and lavender oil then slather over your throat and chest area. Make sure you put the essential oils in a carrier oil  (olive oil or sweet almond oil) so that essential oil dissolve into your skin. Take a deep breath and visualize being healthy.


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