Travel Predictions for 2017

The following are some of my predictions in for traveling in 2017. It looks like a good year to explore different territories. The energy around “exploring new” is heightened. People will be hungry for answers surrounding who they are and what they like. Traveling is an area gives magickal energy to the mind, body, and soul.

Women Solo Travel Get Bigger.– In 2017 women traveling solo will become even bigger. There is already a movement of women who are rocking it when it comes to exploring the world by themselves. It will inspire more women to pull out their passports and try it for themselves. Women will want to travel for new experiences and spiritual reasons which is another reason why they want to go alone. This growth in solo travelers will create more options and opportunities for women who globe trot and want to connect in different destinations.

More Americas Will Move Overseas.– There will be more Americans looking to leave the United States. A big part is due to the election but people are looking for different opportunities and to explore what’s next. Once people figure out how to make their move, there will be an influx of people leaving the states, especially millennials.

Cuba Still Caliente, But Chile Will Come Up.– Cuba will continue to be the hot spot to go to. It’s like a shiny new toy that everybody wants to play with. That being said, Chile will also be a new playground for travelers. Once people find out about the glorious things that the country has to offer it will spike up the amount of people who must plan adventures in this part of Latin America.

Wine Tourism Will Explode.– More wineries are working together to create experiences for people who love a good glass of wine. Besides Napa and Sonoma, there are some interesting things going on in the wine world in just about every state. Okay, I didn’t say that all of the wine was good, but winemakers are stepping up to the challenge and doing their best to produce good juice. Check out wineries in New York, Oregon, Washington, and even Texas is getting their wine game together. What’s in your glass?

Day Trips will be in vogue. -The economy is bouncing back so people are ready to start spendinh a little. Days trips to nearby cities or states will officially be a trend. Since people worry about time and vacation days, they look for quick and easy getaways.Those getaways are also a perfect because they usually cost less than a big trip. Start to think about cities around you that you have always wanted to visit.   

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