An Italian Wine Filled Friday Night

Lately I’ve been in the mood for Italian wine and I remembered that I had this bottle of Merlettaie by the winery, Ciù Ciù. This organic wine is made with the rare Pecorino grape. Oh how delicious it is. The aromas in the wine are a divine swirl of vanilla, grass, green apple, and hawthorn blossoms. I’m falling more in love with each sip. I’m about to pair this with some Indian food though it is very food friendly and should work with a lot of dishes.. I give it a big thumbs up. Next time you are on the look out for an Italian wine..look for this one.

I’ve got on my Star Wars onesie with wine in hand and about to finish watching Luther on Netflix as I write. It’s my kind of Friday night. In fact, this weekend I’ll be nest, writing, and sip wine or whiskey. What’s your plan? Whatever you do, make sure that you live it up!


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