Booze & Binge: Sherlock, AbFab,The Jeffersons, Prison Break & iZombie

During the holidays you may have time off which means you will be looking for some good movies/shows to binge on. What did we do before Netflix and Hulu?! 

Here are some selections paired with wine for you indulge in:

Sherlock- Netflix

I can’t go on enough about this show. It is so good. If you into a smart detective story or enjoy a good sociopath then this one is for you. Sherlock is one of the best adaptations of Sherlock Holmes around. It’s set in modern day London so it has a fresh feel to a character that tends to be older. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are truly a dynamic duo as Sherlock and Watson. Since it is a British show, there are only about 3 episodes per season, that will leave you craving for more. The good news is that the show is back on January.

Pairing: The Casa Larga Cab-Merlot that is perfect to sip while watching this show. It’s a deep Bordeaux style red that is as complex as Sherlock’s theories. If you are cool, calm, and collected like Watson, go with the Fuori Off Road Strada Sicilia Grillo, a wonderful organic wine from Italy.


Absolutely Fabulous- Hulu

Snuggle in and get a dose of Patsy and Edina. These boozy broads are always up to no good. They have no filter and anything can happen when they are around. Besides this cult hit starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, there are many cameos by English stars like Twiggy and Idris Elba. It’s cruel humor at it’s finest.


Patsy and Edina are never without a bottle of bubbles in hand. Wherever they go there is a party which is why the cremant, Faire la Fête is the perfect pairing. Cheers!

The Jeffersons-Starz

This show was one that was way before it’s time. Follow the adventures of George (Sherman Hemsley) and Weezy (Isabel Sanford) on the come up as they tackle going from poor to rich. From living in Harlem then on to the Upper East Side, let’s just say they shake things up. It’s all smart, funny, and relevant. They don’t make comedies like this anymore unfortunately.

Pairing:The Chateau Frank’s Célèbre is the perfect pairing with the The Jeffersons. It is a New York sparkling wine and great for special occasions, like moving on up!




Prison Break-Netflix

I recently got hooked on this show, because I could not stop looking at Wentworth Miller! That aside, there are so many twists and turns. Watching Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) break free is enough to make a viewer have a panic attack. Long story short, men are on the run, the government is involved and all hell is breaking loose. There are four seasons of the show to keep you entertained. Season 3 starts off a bit “meh”, but hang in there because they go from jumping the shark to right back on track. Did I mention they are bringing this show back for ten new episodes?!  

Pairing: The Seeker Rosé is what I would pair with this show. The wine is about seeking adventure and freedom. In other words, totally the theme of Prison Break. This rosé is one of my favorites and good bang for your buck!


iZombie- Neflix, Hulu

If you like shows about zombies you have to check out iZombie. It’s a different spin on the whole zombie thing which I find to be refreshing. The walking dead on this show, talk and mix in with the public like everyday people It’s not easy going from girl who has it all to being a zombie, but Liv Moore (Rose McIver) is doing her best.

Pairing: Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon is ruby red with a medium body. This wine is a good one to sip as you watch Liv feast on brains at the coroner’s office. That’s good zombie grub.


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