Movie & Wine Pairings: Crimson Tide and World War Z

The following pairings are full of adventure and star power. Crimson Tide is always a good time, nothing like a scene between Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman, then a bit of zombies and Brad Pitt. The wines selected both run $10 or below. Cheers!

Crimson Tide

Two words: Washington and Hackman. Basically  A captain ( Gene Hackman) and his first officer (Denzel Washington) disagree over unconfirmed orders causing mutiny on the ship.  They both have a good point of view however, if the captain turns out to be wrong and sends a missile, it could start a war. No one has ever challenged this captain before and let’s just say he is not fond of it. Nothing like a bunch of testosterone going back and forth on a ship. The film also poses interesting questions about war. Hackman and Washington go toe to toe in this one, which makes for a very good time.

Pair: Rex Goliath Chardonnay, a bold chardonnay. This wine has aromas of apple, pear, floral and French oak. Taste great with just about every things. Many layers to the wine, just like the acting in this flick. Cheers!

World War Z

If you like zombies ( well who doesn’t), this is your flick to pick. Gerry Lane ( Brad Pitt) travels the world trying  to stop the zombie epidemic this is going to destroy all of humanity. It is a fast moving film unlike some zombie movies which makes it stand out. There is a lot of action in the film,  Lane is in one part of the country next thing you know he is off to another foreign land. Also unlike other zombies, these move fast, get would get the US gold in the Olympics. It gives the movie a great “oh- shit” factor, can’t outrun these zombies.  One review called it The Walking Dead on steroids, that about sums it up right. Did think Lane will save the world with this golden locks and rugged look?

Pair with Apothic Red, with aromas of dark cherry, spice, and vanilla. This wine is inspired by Apotheca a mysterious place in Europe known for where wine was blended and stored. It is also the originating word for apothecary. Goes great paired with a zombie cure. Cheers!


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