Simply Charmed: Wine Charms To Give Your Glass Some Personality

When you’re at a soiree, there are times when you put your wine glass down just for a moment. Then the unthinkable happens, you can’t figure out which glass is yours. That’s a real bummer. It’s not really about the glass, but about the wonderful wine that you were drinking.

There’s a fun and clever way to make sure that everyone can find their wine glass. Simply Charmed are magnetic wine glass charms that help drinkers identify their glass. The charms stick on glassware with two magnets and it doesn’t affect your wine at all.

Although there are plenty of other charms for wine glasses on the market, Simply Charmed charms are more unique with their flair and fun designs. There’s some for every holiday, sports, trends, and did I mention they have charms that are Swarovski crystals. I was sent some witchy charms for Halloween, but you know how I roll, I’ll be using them year round.

Next time you entertain, let your guests pick out a charm for their glass. If you go to dinner parties often, you might even want to have a pack of charms in your bag so that you never loose another delicious glass of wine again. Cheers!

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