Sex Spell: What Pleases You

A great way to cast a sex spell is to simply tell you partner what pleases you. There is something so hot about someone confident enough to let you know what gets them off.

For some reason, people tend to get shy around telling their partner what would satisfy them in the boudoir. So maybe you want to get tied to the bed, maybe you want a spanking, or maybe you have been craving to strap something on for some serious backdoor fun.  Stop thinking that your partner will assume you are a sexoholic. Instead imagine how excited your partner will be because you want to do something more adventurous. Most partners are open and more than willing to trying new things.

If you do have a partner that is more conservative than you, go slow, take baby steps. No need to go all triple X on them, go PG 13, then work your way up.

Here’s a little spell to conjure up some fun. You can either focus on who you want to direct this to and/or whisper it in your lover’s ear just so that everyone is on the same page…and what a fun page it is. May the orgasam fairy pay your a visit..over and over again.

I want you to want me
I want you to need me
I want you to desire me
You are allowed to have all of me
What pleases you will please me too
I want you to want me
I want you to need me
Desire, is our fire

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