The Witch’s Wine & Spirit Astrology: October 2016

modern magick & astrology for the girl and her glass…

Aries- (March 21- April 19)

You have been thinking a lot about where you want to be in life. No need to feel like you have to have everything figured out. It’s a groovy time to think big, energy is shifting and causing things to blossom. This month brings a bit of self-discovery. Be open to the “aha” moments that come fast and furious. It’s a good idea to journal so that you can keep a record of this new enlightenment.  Money making ideas will also be big. Have some Dracula Merlot to give your taste  buds something to shout about.

Taurus- (April 20- May 20)

This month is going to be a very spiritual one for you. Your spirits and guides are going to be working hard to get some messages to you. Don’t be scared, this isn’t ghost whisperer business ( well maybe just a little). Keep an eye out for small signs or little nudges during the day. It may be numbers, words, or symbols. The most important thing that you can do is stay open to receive it all. It’s going to be a real spiritpalooza, so be ready for anything and everything. Go with the Raymond Sauvignon Blanc in your glass.

Gemini – (May 21-June 20) 

Looks like this will be a very romantic month for you my dear Gemini.  Which one of your personalities will indulge in the amour of it all? Do your best to not let emotions get the best of you. Don’t show your hand to early in the relationship. Embrace what your heart chakra is telling you. If you do feel like you are falling in love, slow down a bit. Saying “I love you” to soon may scare the other person off. You will know when the time is right. You go to for the month should be Lillet Rouge.

Cancer – (June 21-July 22)

It’s a good month for business. Whether you are working on a new business or a side hustle put some muscle into it. You’ve read enough business books, gone to the workshops, and written down your ideas. Now get to work. The key your success will be the action that you put behind it. Who knows where it would lead you. There is a world of opportunities waiting in the wing just for you. Go get yours baby girl. Some Knob Creek Whisky is your power play drink for the crispness of October.

Leo- (July 23- August 22)

Let this month be about your power. If you take a close look maybe you have been doing some things that are bringing negativity into your life. Long story short, get down with a shift so that you can shine. The theme for the month is “wholeness”. Don’t let others control what you are doing in life, take the wheel back and get on track. You may have to dig a little deeper to find the energy that you need, but girlfriend it is there. Just gotta move away the debris to get back that fabulous feeling. Don’t forget how special you are. Being quirky is one of the best things about you. Drink a little Rémy Martin on the rocks to celebrate yourself.

Virgo- (August 23- September 22)

There is fertile energy surrounding you which could be figuratively or abstract. You may find out you are pregnant or you will be giving birth to a big project that will feel like your baby. Your emotions will be all over the place, but it’s all good. Enjoy the laughter, tears, joys, and fears. Don’t let fear take you off your game. Go forward with all that you have. It’s a beautiful time in your life, embrace all of it with your heart chakra. Kick back with a glass or two of Apothic Inferno.

Libra- (September 23- October 22)

This is going to be an interesting month for you.  Your divine feminine juices will be running over yet you may have a feeling that something is missing. Think of it as a month of reflection. What is that one thing that you would change about your life if you could? The answer to that question could change your life in the most magickal way. Change is a good friend to have in your corner for when the time is right. Splurge and get some Billiecart-Salmon Champagne in your life, you will be so glad that you did.

Scorpio- (October 23 -November 22)

Snap out of it..the delusion that you are living in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more as long as you acknowledge what you have now. Stop, drop, and give up for gratitude. Enjoy the success that you are having.  Do toot your own horn for what you have accomplished.  The law of attraction is answering your call so remember to give back. The energy to give and receive is the same one. A  dose of  Laurent Miquel Viognier Père et Fils is the wine to get down with this October.

Sagittarius- (November 23- December 21)

A part of you is bored. You are always dependable and do the right thing. Your inner wild woman wants to come out and play a bit. Let her go baby. Time for a pleasure filled month. Take yourself out for a five course luxury meal. Visit a sensual exhibit at the museum. Go get a fabulous facial. Girl, do it up! You mission if you choose to except it is to have a hell of a lot of fun until the end of the year. Drink some Grand Marnier on ice with an orange slice to give you a feeling of oh la.

Capricorn- (December 22– January 20)

We always want what we want, how we want it.  As you know the universe has jokes and she works at her own pace. A delay is not a denial. Things may not have worked out now, but keep your head up. One day you will realize that it was for the best. Celebrate how far you have come. Think big. Keep your eye on your ultimate prize. One day it shall be yours with a cherry on top. Chill a bottle of Gloria Ferrer Brut and let the bubbles flow.

Aquarius- (January 21- February 18)

Hold onto your heels, a curve ball is coming your way. It’s going to make you questions certain things in your life. This isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes questions can lead you on a journey that you least expect. Get some sage or Palo Santo to burn in your home so that it can keep you grounded during this period. Just remember that everything is working out in your favor. It’s going to be all good.  Have some Pinot Project Pinot Noir and sip to savor the changes.

Pisces- (February 19- March 20)

It’s the perfect time to hibernate a bit. In other words, spend some quality time at home.  As they say “home is where the heart is”. It’s the perfect time to do some decorating or revamping of your home situation. Clean the closets and purge all the crap that you don’t want any more. Last but not least, make sure that you get some fresh cut flowers for your home this month. There is power in the flower energy.  As you lounge in your space sip on Veuve Ambal Bourgogne Mousseux Rouge.

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