Pompette Notes: Be Bordo Le Crisp White

Be Bordô is an accessible Sauvignon Blanc wine from Bordeaux that is modern and chic. This crisp wine is crafted by traditional white Bordeaux grape varieties. The grape blend is 85% Sauvignon Blanc and 15% Semillon

Winemaker’s notes:

Be Bordô Sauvignon Blanc is the result of the winemaking tradition from the famous Port de La Lune, birthplace of the Bordeaux wine business. Be Bordô Sauvignon Blanc is a subtle mix of elegance, sophistication and finesse. Its clean crisp flavours of citrus and apricot together with an irresistible brightness make it an attractive and refreshing wine to drink. Enjoy Be Bordo Sauvignon Blanc on its own or with friends. Combines well with seafood and chicken dishes.

I really enjoyed this wine. It would pair nicely with chicken and waffles, baked chicken, hard cheese, pizza, fish and Chinese food. It’s a good one for every day needs and when you want something to sip while watching Netflix or Hulu.

Pompette Tip: Good Bordeaux wine without expensive prices. 


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