Magick Cake Spell

This spell is not only fun, but it’s delicious. Next time you want to perform some kitchen magick, I recommend this one. It’s also a wonderful spell for your coven of girlfriends if you all want to conjure some of the same things. Let me know what kind of yummy and magickal cakes you make.

Ingredients for spell

  • Cake mix 

  • Food coloring

  • A large bowl

  • A large spoon

  • Cake pan(s)

  • Candles

Follow the directions for making the cake according to the package or recipe. As you mix the ingredients, focus on the intention for the spell and imagine it going into the batter. If you desire, add food coloring to the mixture so that it matches your intention such as green for money, red for passion/love, etc. Stir the batter clockwise if you goal is to attract something to you or to stimulate abundance. Stir counterclockwise to limit or remove something. Pour the batter into the pan(s) and bake according to the directions.

After the cake has cooled, use the color of icing that relates to your intention. Add the number of candles that corresponds with your goal (2 is for love, five for change, etc.). Now light the candles and focus on your intention. Blow them out and eat some cake. Share the cake with anyone who may have have a similar goal. Blessed be!

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