The Magick Of Apples

I picked up an Spiced Apple Magic candle by Glade, because I already burning candles that bring in the succulent scents of Autumn. That actually got me thinking about apples and their role in magick.

Witches love apples trees and it’s a sacred tree in witchcraft. The tree is known for representing love, wisdom, and family. A witch’s wand tends to be crafted from the wood of the apple tree.

Eating an apple can open the gate into spirit realms, which is why it’s a popular fruit during Samhain aka New Year’s Day for Witches. Winning an apple during the holiday could mean blessings from the goddess for the new year. It’s also a fruit for the dead so you will find it on many Samhain altars.

For centuries, apples have been used for love spells and rituals. Using the reddest and juiciest apples are perfect for conjuring more love and passion. Apple blossoms are put into love sachets to pump up the love vibration.The blossom can also be burned as an incense. It’s said that if you want to ensure happiness in a relationship, cut an apple in half and share it with your partner.

Apple Associations:

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Symbolism: Love & Trust, Health, Garden Magick

Stone: Emerald, Rose Quartz

Birds: Grosbeak

Color: Yellow-Green, Pink

Deity: Demeter, Hera, Pomona, Frigga, Freya

Folk Names: Fruit of the Gods, Fruit of the Underworld,

Silver Branch, The Silver Bough, Tree of Love

Apples are a pure delight to have around during the Autumn months. There are plenty of uses for them in your kitchen magick.  Now get some apples into your lifestyle routine. Blessed be!

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