Talking Car Track Day At Consumer Reports

I don’t really drive. In fact it’s rare that I get into a car at all. I’ve been living in New York City since 1999 so a car is not a necessity for me. That is not to say that I don’t appreciate car culture.There are times when I can see myself in a sexy MINI Cooper driving to Montréal.

I mention all this because I was invited Talking Car Track Day in Colchester, CT which was a day to bring Consumer Reports’ testing to life. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but as you know I love a good adventure.

A part of the day was a taping of the very popular Talking Cars video podcast. To celebrate their 100th episode they invited 60 of their biggest fans to see the track and attend the recording. I was impressed to see fans from different parts of the world.

I understand why the podcast is such a hit. It’s fun and informative. The panelists for the day were entertaining and knew their stuff.  Even if someone doesn’t a car own, it would still be interesting podcast to check out.

After the podcast taping, it was time for the thrill of it all.  I got to go on a test drive in the Tesla Model S with Jennifer Stockburger from Consumer Reports and several other influencers. Did I mention that Stockberger is so fierce. When she spoke on the panel for the podcast, I could tell she was a real badass. When we were in the car, she proved me right.

We went 100 mph in the Tesla Model S and it was amazing! As I came off a high, I understood why car enthusiasts had come from around the globe just to be there for the day.

It’s an experience I’ll always remember. My mom who doesn’t understand most of the events that I go to was impressed that I went to Consumer Reports. I’m now officially cool.

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