The Tantalizing World Of Cognac

If you follow me on social media, you know that I’m going to Cognac in September for a press trip with Hennessy. I had mentioned to a friend that I would love to go to Cognac about a month before I got invited. I would say that is the law of attraction heard and granted my wish. As you can probably guess, I’m excited to go Paris/Cognac and find out more about Hennessy as well as the history of Cognac.

I’m doing extensive research before I go on the trip. It’s definitely a spirit with a lot of amazing history. All that being said, I will be sharing more Cognac information with you, that includes facts, recipes, cocktails, etc.

Here’s three things to know about the seductive spirit:

Cognac is made in Cognac, France.

Cognac is a town in southwestern France where the spirit is made. I’ve had people look at me funny when I tell them that I’m going there. It takes a few seconds for it to register. I guess one could say that it’s not the most visited spot in France, but maybe it should be. The spirit that shares its namesake has been made there for over 300 years. Besides the Cognac distilleries there is a riverside and French architecture to explore.

Cognac is a French brandy.

Cognac is distilled from white wine grapes. It must be twice distilled in copper pots and aged in French oak barrels for at least two years. The spirit is what the French call an eau du vie (water of life). To create different tastes of Cognac different eaux- de-vies are blended together. It’s all about the blending. There are about 200 Cognac producers, but the big players are: Hennessy, Martell, Rémy Martin, and Courvoisier.

Cognac is not just a drink for old men and rappers.

When you think of Cognac you probably imagine an older gentleman sitting in his favorite chair sipping a glass. There is also the flip side where you think of rappers mentioning it in their songs. Who hasn’t blamed it on the Henny since Jamie Fox’s hit song “ Blame It”? There are so many layers to Cognac. First of all, the French don’t drink Cognac, most of it is imported to the United States. Believe it or not a nice amount of women get their Cognac on. Did you hear the story about the woman who chugged a whole bottle of expensive Cognac instead of giving it to security at the airport? That’s a woman who takes Cognac seriously. It’s said that 41.3% of the Cognac drinkers are women.

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