Get Off On Sacred Sex

Are you craving more from your sexual activities (or lack of activities)? If you want a sex life that has more meaning there is no reason to wait for it till” the one” shows up. You can start to explore sacred sex even if you are single; it actually might help you find the love of your life.

Sacred Sex aka Erotic Spirituality

The term that most people use for sex that includes the soul is sacred sex (also called erotic spirituality). You may be wondering how you can explore sacred sex being single, but in reality if you do not have a healthy sexual relationship with yourself, it is difficult to have it in a relationship. Also remember that self love is the base for all of the love in your life which is sacred and connects you to the divine.

Sacred sex is found in every religion in various forms. The goal of sacred sex is love, harmony, and bliss. There are those who agree that sacred sex is a lifestyle choice that can open up creativity, manifest what the heart desires, create open and fulfilling relationships as well as heal things within us.

Tantra and Kundalini

One way that you can begin a sacred sex journey is to add tantra to your life. Tantra actually has little to do with sex. It’s teachings are about everyday life including the body, which is where the myth of it being mainly about sex comes from. Think of it as slowing down, awakening the senses and living in the moment to become more complete. It is a way of life that values sex and the life force originating from the same place.

The other way to experience sacred sex is by arousing or awakening kundalini energy. This energy is a spiritual energy that comes from the base of the spine. To tap into this energy explore more spiritually and add meditation to the mix. It is an energy that few people experience because it stays dormant until it is called upon. When this energy is open, a person experiences, bliss, spiritual awareness, and unlimited love by the universe, which in turn makes for an amazing sex life. Take a kundalini yoga class to get your spiritual juices flowing.

You deserve amazing love which includes amazing sex. Having great sex does not start in the bedroom. I am always telling my clients to focus on making love to all of their senses. The best way to experience sex on a deeper level is through your own self awareness, spirituality and healing. May you have many orgasmic experiences!

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