Celebrate The End Of Summer With Peach-y Cocktails

Summer is coming to an end, but you can hang on a little bit long by celebrating National Peach Month.  That’s right, August is all about peaches.

How about a peach flavored cocktail or mocktail to keep the summer party going? Peaches are at their ripest right now. To help you take advantage of this summer’s harvest, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, maker of Australia’s world-renowned ginger beer and other craft beverages, sent me some recipes for refreshing peachy drinks.

The Bundaberg Peach is perfect for cocktails, it adds a sparkly touch. I also recommend trying it with a little champagne or pineapple rum. Cheers!



Berry Berry Peach

  •        1.7 fl.oz Gin

  •        Bundaberg Peach

  •        0.5 fl.oz St Germain

  •        1.17 fl. Oz Berry Liqueur

  •        1 fl.oz Lime Juice

  •        3 x blueberries

  •        Extra blueberries to garnish

image009 (1)

Kentucky Peach

  •        1.7 fl. oz Kentucky Straight Bourbon

  •        Bundaberg Peach

  •        0.5 fl. oz Apricot Liqueur

  •        0.7 fl. oz Cranberry Juice

  •        0.7 fl. oz Lemon Juice

  •        Mint sprig and lemon wedge to garnish


The Amber Peach (Mocktail)

  •        Bundaberg Peach

  •        0.7 fl. oz peach nectar

  •        0.7 fl. oz mango nectar

  •        0.7 fl. oz lime juice

  •        Peach fan and lime for garnish

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