Angels and Wine

The other day I unexpectedly received two bottles of wine from Montes Winery. I had been checking out their wines because I love angels on wine labels. I was sent the Montes Cherub and Montes Twins. It was a lovely surprise to get them.

I think that I like angels on wine bottles, because it brings two things that I love together. I also know that quite a few winemakers have a spiritual connection to their wine and angels emphasis that for me. It got me thinking about other wineries that have angels in their labels. If you are into angels and wine like me then this list is for you.

1) Whispering Angel – One of my favorite rosés. The wine is inspired by The  Whispering Angel Chapel from the early 19th century. It’s such a beautiful wine. Their sister wine Rock Angel also has an angel on the label.

2) Montes Wines– As I mentioned this Chilean winery uses angels on their labels. It appears as though all of their wines have angels on them.

3) Angelica RoséThis fruit forward rosé is sweet and light. The label has a soft angel holding roses. This wine comes from an award winning winery in Connecticut.

4) Angel Champagne– A luxury champagne that costs around $600. There was a time that Mariah Carey was attached to this champagne.I haven’t tried but I assume it’s exquisite.

5) Lost Angel Wines-These naughty wine are for naughty times. Each one of their wines has it’s own unique angel. Totally fun wines.


I’m sure that there are plenty more, if you know of a wine that I missed, let me know. Cheers!








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