Magickal Aromatherapy: Copal

One of my favorite essentials oils to use in my magickal aromatherapy is copal. I love the scent and all of the holy hotness it can it used for. The oil’s official name is Copaiba or Copaiba Balsam.

The warm woodsy like scent of copal is smooth, sweet, and rich on the nose which is probably why it’s used as a base in many perfumes. This oil plays a major role in spirituality and magick. It can be substituted for frankincense but you can mix it with frankincense and myrrh to make a blend for grounding your chakras. Copal incense is commonly used for Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.

Copal a great essential oil to use when you want to tap into your the crown chakra. It assists with deep meditations and wakes up your intuitive energy. It can also be used to purify stones for magick and spell work.

Some of the things that copal is used for:

  • Respiratory ailments

  • Restoring balance to the kidney

  • Skin imbalances

  • Healing wounds

  • Get rid of depression

  • Cleanse a space/home

  • Rid the spirit of negativity

It’s a divine go to oil for a magickal lifestyle. Blessed be!

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