Wicked Wine Spiked Watermelon Recipe

There’s nothing better than watermelon during the summer time, except for watermelon that has some kick to it. Just so you know, watermelon is an aphrodisiac so it’s great for the senses. It improves the blood flow. (wink, wink.)

For your next soiree, brunch, or Netflix and chill night serve up this spiked watermelon to help you enjoy your evening.

Wicked Wine Spiked Watermelon

1(10 lb) seedless watermelon
1(750 ml) bottle sparkling wine or white wine

Cut a hole in a ripe watermelon and insert a funnel.
Pour in as much wine in the watermelon as possible, and then let it sit in the fridge, add more wine every three to four hours as it’s slowly absorbed. (A 10-pound melon can soak up a bottle of wine overnight.)
Slice the watermelon or freeze the flesh for base for blender drinks.


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