The Magick Of Journaling

I absolutely love journals. I always stop and take a look at them when I am in a store. I use them for projects, notes, manifesting, alchemy work, basically, you name it. These two gorgeous journals by Niquea.D caught my eye at Papyrus the other day. They are also 70% off. So what would have cost me $70 cost a mere $21. No way was I leaving the store without them.

Here are some reasons to consider adding journaling to your lifestyle.

1) Journaling helps you to clear the noise.

When you slow down to write your thoughts and feelings, it helps to connect you to your chakras. This connection will help you to be in sync with that you desire.

2) When you journal it opens up your creative juices.

When you add a writing practice into your lifestyle it allows your creativity to flow. You will also find that even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, journaling can still help you with find the right words for any situation.

3) So many cool journals, so little time.

Look through the journal section next time you are at a bookstore or gift store. There are so many lovely journals to choose from. There is bound to be one that you fancy. There are journals with quotes, fancy paper, recycled paper, big ones, smalls ones. You can also journal in a composition notebook if you want to.

4) You can look back and see your progress.

Keeping a record of your life and your thoughts is a wonderful thing to do, because it can inform you about your life’s journey. It can also remind you about a great idea that you had years ago. Think of it as a secret book that holds your memories.

5) You can write about anything,

A journal doesn’t have to be about you. If can be about a project. Remember at the beginning of Star Trek when the voice says “Captain’s Log”. Your journal can be a log about a project that you are working on, your business, love, food, basically anything and everything that you want. I have different journals for different things, but I also have one that is an all purpose one. Figure out what works best for you.

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