Coconut Milk Bath Spell To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

It’s important to cleanse your aura from time to time. We are all moving at a fast pace and unwanted energy gets in. Oy to the vey! It’s all good, because you can get rid of that unwanted energy with this quick and easy aura cleanse.

The following spell is a form of African Magick, but anyone can use it. Coconut milk is known as a cleanser and has many magickal effects. Time to get of any bad energy and bullshit getting in your way.

Needed for the spell:
Coconut Milk
A black or white candle 

Run a warm bath and light your candle. Pour half of the coconut milk into the bath water. Take the remaining coconut milk and pour it directly over your head. This will cool and cleanse and disturbed thoughts from your mind as well as clear any astral attachments that you have.

Think about what troubles you and where the source of the trouble/negativity comes from. As you meditate on this unplug the drain and visualize any bad experience, negative thoughts, or anything causing you pain going down the drain.

After your bath, take a shower. Go to bed feeling a peace mind, body, and soul.

Blessed be!

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