Energy Protection Spell

If you wear jewelry there is a spell that you can do with your favorite pieces to help you rock your magick. This is something that you can do at the beginning of the month to help keep your energy from feeding on negativity. There are so many naysayers and haters ready to pounce on happiness, it’s good to keep your energy in check.

This spell is perfect for your goddess necklaces, gemstones, and any other symbols. Cleanse your piece of jewelry. Then rub it with your fingers as you say the following words. *Repeat the words seven times.

Formed in earth and forged in fire,
Goddess blessing, lift me higher.
Guard me from life’s evil and negative blows
please make sure my safety grows.

Goddess grant me my desire
formed in earth and forged in fire.

* The reason for doing seven times is due to the fact that the number 7 represents the mind, body, and spirit being aligned. Blessed be! 

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