Goddess Energy For Love & Sex

A goddess is a female deity that can be associated with love, sex, earth, motherhood, abundance, basically anything and everything. Since the beginning of time women have channeled goddess energy as a source to feed their soul. When it comes to love, everyone talks about Venus, the Roman goddess and Aphrodite, the Greek goddess, but other cultures have their sex and love goddesses as well.

Did you know that the Chinese have a goddess that is devoted to all the marvelous things in the boudoir? Her name is Chuang- Mu, known as the goddess of bed and bed chambers. She is known for sleep, sex, love, and birth. Basically anything that happens in the bedroom falls under her domain. Call on her for sexual intimacy if you are having problems with a partner. Better yet, if you are single give a shout out to Chuang-Mu to let your bed be plentiful and abundant. She is worshiped is through burning candles, gifts of tea, fresh flowers and fruit and prayers. Bring on the hot sex Chuang-Mu!

Some say the only important goddess to the Germans is Freya, the goddess fertility; love, beauty, and sex. When Freya is called upon, it means love lives on in the infinite future. She taps into the heart’s desire and assists with enduring love in your life. Freya is also a warrior goddess, so no one messes with her. It is said that the day of the week, Friday, was named after Freya, make it Freya’s Day.

The Yooshunruba people from West Africa celebrate Yoruban gods and goddesses. Every woman should use a bit of the Yoruba goddess, Oshun Ana, for she is the goddess of luxury and love. She is known to be a coquette (little flirt) who is charming and beautiful that brings fertility and healing to the sick. There is a mirror wore on her belt so that she can look at herself, because she is so hot.

There are many goddesses to discover. Find the love and sex goddess that calls to you. Tap into her power to find the love of your life or cultivate the relationship that you desire.

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