Magick Mix: “You Go Girl” Mix

This magick mix is my, “You Go Girl” Mix, my fist bump to you as you pursue life, love, and your pursuit of happiness. Make sure that you do all that is YOU! Don’t give up. You deserve what your heart desires. Keep conjuring with the universe and allow your magick to lead the way. You go girl.. blessed be!

Breakout by Swing out Sister

This is one of my favorite songs to get me going. Listen closely to the words. When you feel at the end of your rope, don’t give up. Breakout!

Strip Me by Nastasha Bedingfield

Sometimes you have to fight for who you are. That’s the name of the game. This is a good one to remind you of your self love. Take everything away and it reveals who you are.

I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross

I love listening to this song when I am working on a new project or strolling through the streets of NYC. When you want to feel bigger and badass, sing loud and proud with the Boss, Diana Ross.


Fighter by Christina Aguilera

When someone does something to you, instead of taking it personally embrace the lesson that you are suppose to learn. You are stronger than you think. Kick some ass, channel your inner fighter. Namaste!

Express Yourself by Madonna

This is one of Madonna’s sexiest videos. You deserve amazing love, no need to settle. There will be those who tell you that you are to picky. Long story short, you get to decide what kind of love and relationship that you have. BOOM! 


New Attitude by Patti Labelle

This song is a great reminder that changing your perspective will change your life. How you do anything is how you do every thing. Shift and shine! The 80’s fashions in this one are superb.

I’m Gonna Live Till I Die by Queen Latifah

The jazzy tune sung by the Queen is to celebrate life.  Every day there is an opportunity to live to the fullest. Make sure you live it up!

All That You Have by Tracy Chapman

This is still on of your favorite songs. There are times when you will question the path you are on, but if you listen to your’s all good!

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