Love Spell To Bring Love

Sometimes the hardest thing to remember is how amazing love should be, especially when you feel like love is letting you down. Love is magick.  You have the power to conjure and manifest the love that you desire. Once you understand that, it can change your life.

Sometimes our love energy could use a “reboot”. I thought I would share a love spell/ritual with you.  All you need is a fresh bottle of vanilla extract, though you could also use geranium essential oil. You can do this spell if you are single and even if you are in a relationship that could use a little help from the universe. Don’t forget that the most important ingredient in the spell is your intent. 

Buy a new bottle of vanilla extract (real vanilla extract not imitation.). Remove the lid and visualize a bright, crimson-red light streaming from your mind’s eye and turning the liquid in the bottle to the same deep red color. As the light is flowing into the bottle, repeat these words silently, to yourself:

Red as the blood that flows through my heart,

Liquid, bring me a love that shall never part.

Bring it soon, yes bring it fast,

A love that’s strong, a love that lasts!

Next, sprinkle just one or two drops in each corner of the room in which you sleep. After that is complete, place the tightly capped bottle under your mattress. Now keep your head up and heart open to allow the flow of love into your life. Love is around you every day. Embrace it!


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