Place To Get Married in New York City

Since I am a wedding officiant, a big question that I get is where are the good spots to get married in New York City. The last thing a bride wants to stress about is the perfect location. That’s a big question with a lot of answers because size and budget always come into play when someone is getting married. Over the last few years people have been cutting down on their wedding costs so that they can put that money into buying a home or taking a big honeymoon.

Continue to do research, while it can be frustrating, the perfect place will find you. The following are some of my suggestions for great places for your big day.

Botanical Gardens: This one of the loveliest places in New York City . Imagine the floral backdrop you can have, think about what the rose garden would look like in photos. If you crave an outdoor wedding, this is the go-to place. There are gardens in Bronx, Brooklyn, and uptown Manhattan, all of them are beautiful and unique.

Central Park: Depending on the size of your wedding, the park may do the trick. It’s actually quite cheap to get a permit for your wedding in the park. The only thing you may not like is people walking by and looking at your wedding. That however isn’t such a huge drawback because you will be so busy worrying about what you are going to say during your ceremony that you won will not even notice people passing by. If your wedding is under 20 people, you do not need a permit though might be good to get one just in case you.

Wave Hill: There are some beautiful locations in the Boogie Down Bronx and Wave Hill is one of them. Built in 1843, Wave Hill is a former estate house on Wave Hill’s 28 acres and has been home to the likes of Mark Twain and Theodore Roosevelt. This location overlooks the beautiful Hudson River and Palisades, talk about the view. They offer catering and all the things that you need to pull off a lovely wedding.

City Hall: Last but not least, there is always city hall. When you want to keep it small, simple, and easy this is how do. While it may lack a bit in the intimacy area, if you want to do it quickly without all the bells and whistles this is a great option. After all a lavish ceremony doesn’t make or break your relationship, it’s about the connect.

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