Become Best Friends With The Divine Feminine

The first time I heard the term Shakti, I was at a Jewish retreat in the Berkshires. One woman said that Shakti had come along and kicked her butt as other women laughed and did high fives. All I could do is smile and act like I knew what the heck they are talking about. I quickly did some research on this Shakti business and it changed my life. Not only did I find out about a kickass goddess, but it got me in touch with divine feminine power.

You may have heard of Shakti ( also referred to as Devi) if you do yoga or have read books about spirituality. Shakti is a larger than life Hindu goddess. What makes her so delicious is that she is multi-dimensional, just like the me and most women around the world. The Sanskrit translation for the word Shakti is “power.” She is the personification of the creative power known as the divine feminine. Shakti is the source of love, she kicks the butt of evil forces, and restores balance to your life all while manifesting cosmic energy. Also referred to as the divine mother, she is thought of as the source of all things that are wise, strong, peaceful, sexy, abundant, and so many other magickal things.

I use to wonder what all the hype was around the “divine feminine” until I was introduced to the concept of Shakti. I never know if I was feeling the energy or not. I finally got it and embraced my own unique experience with the divine feminine. On a daily basis I am in touch with divine feminine energy, it helps me with my work as a clairvoyant and spiritual minister.

The divine feminine can be experienced by feeling bliss, movement, keeping your head up and heart open, sounds, through light, within music, and anything that applies to your senses. Long story short, it is all about you coming BF with the DF (best friends with the divine feminine). Know that it is a very personal experience. How you rock the divine feminine belongs to you.


There are five shakti energies that you can unleash as you get in tune with this frequency.

Parashakti– this energy is on the cosmic level, means supreme cosmic energy; pure consciousness

Iccha Shakti– this energy deals with your will power and intuition; helps you make better decisions

Kriya Shakti–  this is energy ables you to take action; energy that helps you conjure and manifest

Jnana Shakti– this energy is for knowledge; gives you wisdom where you experience the present moment and anticipate the future

Kundalini Shakti– the most significant of the Shakti energy; swirls our internal condition with what is going on in our reality

When you incorporate the energy of Shakti into your life it explodes in all areas from love, business, relationships, and everything your heart desires. You can claim your self power which enables you to live a life by design and not by default. Anyone who beholds Shakti is inseparable with her, she is always with you. The power and magick of this goddess is limitless.

Marianne Williamson hit the nail on the head he said, “you playing small does not serve the world”. You are already who you are meant to be. The question is when will you let this person come out? Shakti says your time is now.


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