AG Kitchen: Nuevo Latino Cuisine on The Upper West Side in New York City

AG Kitchen is an eatery on the Upper West Side of Manhattan by chef Alex Garcia, one of the creators of the Nuevo Latino food movement. While there are classic Latin dishes on the menu, there are the creative entrees that have a Latin influence along with a twist. From tacos, burgers, to surf and turf, the menu has plenty of comfort food when you are looking for a hearty meal.

There are fun cocktails to wet your whistle. They have a wicked happy hour from 3:30pm-6:30pm with a special happy hour menu. It’s the perfect place to meet a friend for a drink.  I had a pretty solid margarita on the rocks. If you aren’t happy with the drink, they are happy to fix it up the way that you want it.  For the wine lovers, there is a wine list that should give your palate some pleasure.

I love me some guacamole, so I definitely had to try their Tableside Guacamole. The guac is fresh and made to order just how you want it. It came with a side of fresh chips. The chef also sent out an empanada for us to try. I washed it all down with my margarita. It hit the spot after a long day.  

AG Kitchen is known for making great burgers, but I  was in the mood for something different. I opted to try the Samba Chicken and my friend went for the Wild Mushroom Tacos. The chicken was Brazilian style and marinated for 24 hours. For my side dish, I went with the Chipotle Mashed Potatoes and  a side of the Corn of the Cob Mexicano. I have a soft spot for Mexican corn. 

Everything was pretty good. The meal was quite enjoyable.  As a side note, the Samba chicken is a lot of chicken, it can be shared between two people.

Even though I had a lot of chicken, I managed to down a chocolate mint milkshake for dessert. I was taught to always save room for dessert. The shake wasn’t to heavy and it was light on the mint. A touch of booze can be added to your shakes if you want a dessert that has a little more to it.

We had a wonderful waiter named Chris who was fresh off the boat from Georgia. We joked about him still having his southern charm since he was new to New York. Everyone at the restaurant was friendly and made sure that we felt at home.

AG Kitchen has been serving up dishes for about 3 years. It is a great neighborhood restaurant for the locals or a good place to drop in if you need food while on the UWS. Good food and good ambiance, just what any foodie wants.


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